This is the echo chamber where I spend my days listening to my own voice.

I talk to myself about things that actually get stuck in my head. I leave them there for a bit to ferment and when they are adequately sour, I pour them here like there’s no tomorrow.

If you like the sound of my voice too, welcome, more the merrier.

Be warned, though – the stuff I say are known to be extremely vague, extremely vulgar and extremely insensitive towards your childhood indoctrinations.

Lastly, none of my posts are “scientific papers” but my opinions. Links are included as a way to show that people have explored these issues, talked about them and they are out there. Do not confuse them as my way of “proving” my point; I am not out to prove points. Hell, I sometimes link to the first article I find on the interwebz without actually reading it. They are just things you may find interesting… or not, as the case may be.