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New World Order v2.0

July 9, 2014 - Posted in Blag Posted by:

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A man by the name of William Golding, apparently, said something I find far more intriguing – and frankly a bit suspicious given the years he drowned his demons of his past in alcohol – than some of his work. This, I hear, can be found in his own voice in the Author’s Introduction section of an audio version of Lord of the Flies.

I think women are foolish to pretend they are equal to men, they are far superior and always have been.

This man...

Now, in some contexts these words may hold a lot more merit than my equality reflexes allowed the first couple of seconds upon reading them the first time.

To explain these contexts I first need to tell you about one of the best moments and arguably the only meaningful dialogue in the television series Smallville. I know, I know, the show was horrible but bear with me – if for nothing else, for the love of beautiful and brilliant Michael Rosenbaum.

Lex Luthor, talking about the old Native American prophecy about Luthor and Superman (where Luthor is named Ziget) says “[…]if one person [superman] could do all that, he’d be a formidable enemy. He could conquer the world. He could become a tyrant if no one kept him in check. So I’ve been thinking… anybody who’d be willing to fight him would have to be pretty brave. Clark, did it ever occur to you that the hero of the story… is Ziget?”


Now, strip yourself of your gender and think…

Imagine you live in a society where your “group” is about fifty percent of the population. Didn’t take much imagination, yeah?

Imagine that your group is on the average physically weaker – I mean, really, what is weaker? In this context, average member of your group could be quite easily – and actually quite frequently – beaten to death by the average member of the other group.

Now, imagine these two groups in a time where physical strength actually mattered in your day to day life – from foraging to defending against “other tribes” or really, invading their territory, you’d need to be physically able and more often than not, quite aggressive to survive.

Obviously, with so much aggression as a necessary part of life, your group would be viewed with contempt in such matters and your role would be automatically that of a support of some kind. You would be revered for some of your unique abilities, sure, but such reverence would be on paper most of the time or would serve to sugar coat your subjugated existence in which you wouldn’t have a choice in things you do after a while.

Your group would be bought and sold. As your “cooperation” is required by the physically “superior” group, you’d be limited in the resources you could access. Your actions and thoughts would be carefully shaped, generation by generation, into an evolved state where you’d be better able to serve your physically superior “masters”.

You’d be taught how to please the members of this other group better by learning the ways of a silent helper, a servant if you will.

You’d be told, from early childhood, that your group should not do this or that, think in certain manners and act in certain ways

Let’s remember what does it do to a child when you tell them “this is the proper way to do it” or “this, you have to believe” – yeah, they believe it. The word “belief” represents a very powerful tool. Once you are snared into a dogma it is very, very hard to walk away from it. More precisely, in this context, once you are roped into believing that your place in the society is that of a home-maker, a subservient thing to be admired by this other group, easily bought and sold – maybe – under a different name than commerce, you could even start hating the members of your own group who are better at pleasing the masters and has more market value!


Yes, I am talking about women! You, the group I’ve been talking about, are women! I bet you didn’t see that coming!

Now, understand that archaic rituals may lost their meanings over time but we, the humans, are strange like that – we love to hold onto the status quo. So, these rituals honing your group for becoming better silent support commodities survive even though there remains not one good reason to consider having more muscle mass a sign of superiority in the society.

This is true for today’s society, believe it or not. Women are told, from a young age, that they should be home-makers (selling it as if it is a virtue), that they should not hold men at fault for raping them if they wear “provocative” clothes or if they are drunk, they should not play with toys made for boys, they should stop talking so much, they should accept the scrapes they are given by the society and be grateful, they should not be activists, those so called feminists as this makes them less desirable by men and bloody blah.

Women are systematically made into commodities. They are given roles and insecurities to make sure they fit into those roles from childhood. Major religions all over the world support these archaic views of society where women stay at home and look after the babies and men go out to hunt… er, earn money.

We call polyamorous men “studs” and polyamorous women “sluts.”

We call normal, perfectly attractive women “fat.”

There is no such thing as repeating this too often, we blame women for being raped for crying out loud!

We don’t allow women to decide for themselves and we force our own archaic beliefs into their lifestyles supporting their roles as baby factories.

Above all, that “we” includes women themselves in many cases.

Now, in parallel with the words of the hero of that story, Lex Luthor, given the odds, given how the world works against them, if the women could fight the deeply ingrained hostility towards them with such efficiency within such a short time, have you ever considered that they might be the superior sex?

Courtesy of Amelia 'Amy' Prudence Counting.


meiamcounting 5 years ago

If you missed the point completely, there is a good article about some of this (brought to my attention by my good friend Mark A. Schmidt) that I may have found to be of much better use in an ideal world where this repugnant rape culture was not that amok.


Mark 5 years ago

Interesting take. I like how you expressed it.


meiamcounting 5 years ago

Thanks Mark, appreciated.

Obviously, as you already know my take on this, equality is the ideal for all humans regardless of gender (as any kind of reflection on superiority would take us to difficult waters) – but I couldn’t resist the opportunity to dismantle the very basic superiority assumptions of patriarchy. Sins I committed in this piece, I hope, may be forgiven just for this.


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