Responsibility of the Mainstream and Spring Break Yo!

I’m sure a big number of writers – or any of the creative types who realise that they actually contribute heavily towards how we are to see things in a generation or so – have talked about this. I’m sure the argument that “art should be free of all fetters” has been used and abused […]

Cognitive Biases and IP Numbers

I have often wondered why we, the human race, evolved to have these biases in our way of processing information. I’m sure there are explanations as to why we have most of them – clearly, some of those are there to reduce processing load and ensure an individual processes enough information to survive within their […]

New World Order v2.0

A man by the name of William Golding, apparently, said something I find far more intriguing – and frankly a bit suspicious given the years he drowned his demons of his past in alcohol – than some of his work. This, I hear, can be found in his own voice in the Author’s Introduction section […]